Amy and Rich are...

Having a Baby!

It's a boy, and he's going to here around July 28th. Before we never have a full night of sleep again, we put this site together to mark the special occassion.

Since we're brewing a baby...

Join us for a Brews & Baby Shower

Please join us for a couples baby shower at Denizen Brewing on Saturday, June 10th, from 1-4pm. There will be drinks, food, "bottle" chugging, and sperm cornhole...for the culture. We'd love for you to come out and have some fun celebrating with us.
Please RSVP to

Bet on our baby

It costs nearly a quarter million to raise a child, so we might as well start trying to fund this by creating a betting market. Entries are $10 and will pay out in a 70/20/10 split for the top three places. The only things we know that you don't are: 1) he's due July 28th and 2) he's in the 67th size percentile.


You will earn points for how wrong each element of your guess is compared to when Baby Myslinski actually arrives and his physical features. The low score wins, just like golf.

Day: 5 points per day Time: 2 points per 30 minutes Height: 2 points per inch Weight: 2 points per ounce Eye Color: 5 points if wrong Hair Color: 5 points if wrong

For example, if you guess that he will be born on July 30th, and he instead arrives July 28th, you would score 10 points.

Place your bets

Use the form below to place bets. Your bet isn't valid until you Paypal or Venmo @Richard-Myslinski